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A healthy keto friendly and vegan recipe for all you weight watchers.

It can be eaten as a starter or an evening snack. Its all up to you.

We all love this recipe at home. They are super Delicious and healthy due to the wise choice of oils used for cooking.

Spinach is high in protein, 1 cup of cooked spinach has 5 grams of protein. These fritters are crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.


1. First, You Need to dry roast the gram flour as it aids better digestion, Regulate the blood sugar levels. Set it aside.

2. Chop the spinach into medium size and make sure its not finely chopped as they shrink further on kneading. Chop according to this picture below.

3. Into the spinach add in the spices .

4. Mix well , add in the gram flour and keep kneading with hands. Gradually add enough water until it forms a semi thick batter.

5. Pour The batter in the hot oil little by little. Fry it until golden brown.

6. Serve Hot and enjoy this crispy Snack.

Lets see the detailed recipe here,

Hope you enjoy this healthy and lip smacking recipe.

Much Love

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